The Cary Company

At the Cary Company I was a member of the marketing team and was involved in a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. This included: Creating various graphics for print, web and video, coordinating and executing social media projects, front and back end web design, label design, collateral design and print production. I also acted as project manager working with interns and photographers to coordinate and assist in photography and video projects. 

At The Cary Company I was also a Solutions Provider and Sales Representative, assisting customers in various ways - such as with product and service questions, especially when related to label design and print production, as well as managing online chat support. Outside of my general tasks at The Cary Company I was highly involved in managing internal building projects and company events.

"Carmine brought an innovative perspective to The Cary Company. He constantly educated himself on new technology and trends to help the company grow." - TJ Tyrrell, Vice President Marketing & Operations

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carmine on several projects, as well as seeing him grow with The Cary Company. As a graphic designer, he is naturally intuitive and detail oriented. Most importantly, Carmine is never afraid to ask questions and learn more about our massive product lines in order to create more effective designs.

As he transitioned into a full time employee, I directly supervised his customer service training. Despite being ahead of others in product knowledge, Carmine took initiative to better his education by asking more advanced questions, which ultimately benefited everyone in class. He also used this training to further inform his design process, making him a great asset to our Marketing Team.

In addition to his main duties, Carmine also coordinates various projects in the office, attesting to his flexibility in skill and the ability to manage his time well in order to meet deadlines. He displays excellent character and a sense of humor in and outside of the workplace, as well as the diligence to continuously improve-- a rarity that we are happy to have!" - Erika Dela Cerna, Marketing Coordinator