I’m Carmine Calabrese, a designer and content creator. I’m a motivated creative worker that is also passionate about learning. As technology and the market is always evolving I do my best to stay on top of new trends, tools, technology and practices.

Design has always been a passion of mine as it is almost everywhere we look. It’s either subtly conveying a message and feeling, or yelling its subject’s personality. It’s always there to communicate at a glance what would otherwise go untold, and I love being part of that process.

Outside of traditional graphic design I also have experience with web and digital design, social media, video editing and motion graphics. I view myself as an overall content creator, not limited by medium. With every project I focus on more than aesthetics alone, I aim to make sure the content is meaningful and useful for the end-user.

Outside of design I love to doodle, game, read and explore outdoors. I tend to find and appreciate the artistic value in most things life has to offer.

To read more about my experiences connect with me on LinkedIn.